Homeowners and Condominium Associations (“HOAs”) are governed by a founding document called the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (or “CC&Rs”). Additional rules for HOA organizations are contained in Illinois statute, bylaws, and the organization’s rules and regulations. Many times, HOAs hire outside management companies to handle collection of assessments and maintenance of the common areas. Disputes often arise between an HOAs and their members. Here are a few common examples:

The HOA (or more likely a management company) over-bills a member or charges the member invalid or unreasonable fines?

The HOA accuses a member of violating its rules, even though the rules have not been enforced for a long time or have not been enforced evenly against other members.

The HOA is not honoring its obligation to maintain the common areas in good condition.

If your HOA (or management company) is harassing you or refusing to do its job, you should contact a real estate attorney to investigate your options.

The attorneys of Franklin, Greenswag, Channon & Capilla have decades of experience representing individuals in Homeowner and Condominium Association disputes. FGCC attorneys have also consulted with boards and board members to ensure the boards are complying with relevant laws, by-laws and regulations are up to date, and disputes with unit owners are kept to a minimum. If you have questions about HOA and Condo law, reach out to an FGCC attorney today.

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