The lawyers of Franklin, Greenswag, Channon & Capilla are available to provide a client with effective appellate representation in state and federal courts of review, including the United States Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., if necessary. This appellate representation is available to clients who were represented in trial courts by other firms as well as to those clients represented by our own skilled trial counsel. A case may first come to the firm when it is approaching trial, when it has been decided, or when it is already on appeal. At any point in the case, FGCC stands ready to assist.

Additionally, in Illinois, judicial review of an administrative agency decision is governed by a state statute, called the Administrative Review Law. The provisions of the statute are strictly construed by reviewing courts, which requires counsel to be very well-versed in both the review statute and individual agency procedures applicable to a case. FGCC attorneys have successfully represented numerous parties in cases involving circuit and even appellate court review of administrative agency proceedings.

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